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Photographers and viewers explore Cuba for first time in documentary series

Through The Lens: CUBA - Official Trailer
Adorama’s popular video series Through The Lens is embarking on two firsts for the fourth season, taking a look at largely unexplored areas of Cuba from the lens of photographers with the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. Season 4 of Through The Lens offers a behind-the-scenes look at the work of photographers traveling through Cuba for the first time.

The latest season of the documentary series premiered Friday, May 12 on the company’s YouTube channel, AdoramaTV. The fourth season is the first to follow photographers who aren’t shooting in their own stomping grounds. In the series, both the photographers and many of the show’s viewers will be seeing Cuban culture for the first time, AdoramaTV says.

“As soon as the Cuba travel embargo was lifted, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to go and document everything we could about Cuba, especially the people and culture,” said Alana Casner, director of AdoramaTV. “We set out to create a docu-series about Cuba unlike anything we’ve yet seen online, and we feel we’ve accomplished that with TTL Cuba.”

Unlike earlier seasons, the fourth installment in the series is also the first to focus on a particular camera brand, working with Sony photographers including Dave Krugmen, Steven Irby, Paola Franqui, Sara Dietschy, Oveck Reyes, and Andy To. Besides just the photographers featured in the show, a majority of the documentary was also filmed with a Sony a7s II.

The documentary joins earlier seasons focused on Manhattan (season 1) , coast-to-coast U.S. (season 2) and Japan and Hong Kong (season 3). New viewers can still catch up on earlier seasons at AdoramaTV. After launching in 2010, AdoramaTV now has over half a million subscribers with over 64 million views.

New episodes launch through AdoramaTV with on demand availability. For the latest season, a new episode is released every Friday at 12 p.m. ET.

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