Falcons, lions, eagles and other curious wildlife that want to steal your camera

animals stealing cameras capturing amazing footage screen shot 2014 01 24 at 4 46 53 pm

To document a rockhopper penguin colony in the Falklands without disturbing it, producers of a BBC documentary, “Penguins – Spy in the Huddle,” hid a spy camera inside a fake egg meant to record the real eggs being hatched (via Pop Photo/Gawker). The camera egg, dubbed the EggCam, looked so real that a bird of prey – a striated caracara – took off with it, perhaps thinking that it’s food. Unbeknownst to the bird, it inadvertently became a cameraman and captured brief but stunning aerial views of the colony (main image above). After dropping the camera back to the ground, two turkey vultures “played” with it further until the EggCam eventually rolled back into the colony. 

Of course, this is the just the latest in animals unintentionally stealing cameras. But it’s a good thing, as we’re treated to cool videos from an animal’s point-of-view. Here are five videos of interesting (if wobbly) footage  shot by animals in the wild.

(Main image via BBC)