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Beck’s brewery wants you to film your drunken antics with this 360-degree smartphone lens

becks beer capcam lens 360 degree 1
What do beer and 360-degree photos have in common? Nothing, usually. But don’t tell Beck’s that, because the German-based brewery has recently shown off a clever piece of marketing that blends the the world of immersive content and … well … booze.

With the help of BBDO Duesseldorf, a worldwide advertising agency, Beck’s has created CapCam, a 360-degree lens that will come attached to the top of special edition beer bottles.

The CapCam isn’t available to the public — yet — but to show off the new feature they’ve shared the above promo video wherein a few fans won the opportunity to take the CapCam for a spin. In it, Beck’s explains that the CapCam was created to “provide an all-round view of those typical Beck’s moments shared with close friends.”

CapCam 2

In other words, Beck’s wants you to film all of your drunken shenanigans in full 360-degree glory to share with the world, for better or — more likely — worse.

Beck’s doesn’t note what specific phones the CapCam is designed to work with, but in the video iPhone 4 and 5S devices are seen with the lens attached. Internal mirrors within the lens are used to create the 360-degree viewing angle.

CapCam 3

Interestingly, as pointed out by PetaPixel, the release of this promo aligns almost perfectly with Facebook’s announcement that you can now experience 360-degree photos and video within your News Feed.

Time will tell if this makes it to a broad market of consumers. Even if it doesn’t, don’t fret. There are plenty of other options out there that you can pick up without the need to buy a six-pack.

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