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The best camera mounts for 2019

Get a new perspective with the best mounts for your camera, from GoPro to DSLR

Mounting your camera is a great way to get new perspectives, and while the type of mount you need obviously depends on the shot you’re trying to get, Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount is one of the best out there. It has been designed to hold cameras up to 12 pounds and is extremely sturdy and robust. You can be assured it won’t go anywhere due to its three suction cups, which hold firm when applied to a flat surface. From DSLRs and mirrorless systems to smartphones and action cameras, it can handle them all.


From putting a camera on your car to tracking the stars for astrophotography, here are the other best camera mounts for a variety of uses. If you’re specifically shopping for an action camera mount, you may also want to check out our list of the best GoPro accessories.

The best

Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount

The Delkin Fat Gecko is an extremely strong camera mount. It’s built to eliminate vibration, giving you sharp content even when moving through rough terrain. It offers versatility through a 360-degree tilt, turn, and rotation. Don’t worry if you need to shoot from more obscure angles, as the Delkin Fat Gecko has six adjustable points and moves up to 8.5 inches from the mounting surface – so you’ll always get the shot!

If the Triple Mount looks like overkill for your needs, the Fat Gecko is also available in smaller sizes that use either one or two suction cups.

The rest

Best camera mount for your car: CAMTREE G-51

The Camtree G-51 is a professional standard mount for your car. It comes with shock absorbent, industrial-grade suction cups and can be used in difficult weather conditions. For flexibility, CAMTREE has made this mount with a ball tilt head, enabling you to set up from any angle. This camera mount for your car has been tested whilst in motion. It remained fixed and secure and was able to capture the shots that were intended. The mount comes with two extension rods, three or six-inch options with 1/4-inch male and female connectors for a secure and rigid fit.

Best camera mount for your bike: Minoura Handlebar Camera Mount

As like most products made in Japan, this camera mount has a premium feel. It’s completely made out of metal and fixes so tightly that you avoid unnecessary vibration. On top of the metal mount is a cork washer. This gives more cushion to your gear and keeps it safe from marks and scratches. Its design allows users to fix it to 22-29 millimeter handlebars. Although it’s capable of holding a DSLR, if you’re out on your bike and need to be comfortable, then we suggest this is more for someone who wants to record with a GoPro or Smartphone.

Best camera mount for your motorcycle: Kolasels 360 Degree Rotation Mount

If speed is what you need and a motorbike is your vehicle of choice, then this is the mount for you. We figured most motorcyclists opt for a GoPro or other action camera when on the road, and the Kolasels 360 is a popular choice for such cameras. It is made out of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, making it ultra strong without adding too much weight. The attachment mount is 1.3 inches in diameter and is suitable for all handlebars. If you’re off road and on a bumpier path, then the rubber-coated clamp will ensure no skidding or spinning on the handlebars — keeping the mount locked on the scene that it’s recording.

Best camera mount for skiing or snowboarding: Peak Design Capture Backpack Mount

For winter activities, we opted for a quality mount that can securely attach to backpack straps. Welcome to the conversation the Peak Design Capture Backpack Mount. It can be used with a GoPro, Sony ActionCam, and a range of other cameras with applicable mounts. The Capture can fix to any belt or strap that’s up to three inches in width. The backplate is made from powder-coated aluminum and glass-filled nylon. This means you can expect it to last the elements and pressure that come with snowboarding and harsh weather. The J-arm attachment gives up more options for recording; including panning, tilting, and upside down perspectives.

Best camera mount for astrophotography: iOptron SkyTracker Pro

If you’re fascinated by astrophotography then you need the iOptron Sky Track Pro. This compact camera mount fits between your DSLR and Tripod. It comes with technology that enables your camera to follow the movement of the night sky, giving you advanced creative options. You can select from four tracking speeds, 1X, 0.5X, Solar and Lunar. 0.5x, for example, is ideal for those wanting both the sky and foreground landscape in their frame. For a balanced shot, the mount has a built-in spirit level and comes with an adjustable polar finder for those shooting the North Star. Photographers can expect 24 hours of use out of the iOptron SkyTrack Pro and will be pleased to hear it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

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