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Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Dan Ginn is an internationally published street photographer, feature writer and content creator. Through his writing, he has continually championed the work of fellow photographers, in features and interviews across the industry’s leading publications. He now brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to Digital Trends, where he will advise on the best photography equipment currently on the market.

Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm X-T4 vs. Fujifilm X-Pro3: A difference in form and function

Built around similar tech, these two Fujifilm flagship mirrorless cameras will appeal to completely different crowds for their designs and features.
Sony RX100 VI review

The best travel cameras

From rugged point-and-shoots to advanced mirrorless models, here are the best travel cameras for every type of traveler.
peak design travel tripod impressions 12

The best photography tripods

Even with today's stabilization tech, sometimes your camera needs to be steady as a rock. Here are the best tripods in the business, from tabletop to full-size models.
Sony RX100 VI review

The best point-and-shoot cameras

If your smartphone camera just isn't giving you the results you're looking for, maybe it's time to step up your game with a larger sensor or longer zoom lens.
fujifilm x t200 review product dm 1500px10

Fujfilm X-T200 vs. Fujifilm X-T30: A close call

The Fujifilm X-T200 is a viable entry-level option that makes us wonder if the extra $300 for the popular enthusiast-level X-T30 is worthwhile. We investigate.
sony rx100 vii best point and shoot gets better lifestyle featured

Sony RX100 VII vs. ZV-1: How does Sony’s vlog-focused compact stack up?

The Sony ZV-1 is a fresh take on the RX100 line, but how does it stack up against the RX100 VII? Both shoot great stills and videos, so which is right for you?
fujifilm x t200 review product dm 1500px10

Sony A6100 vs. Fujfilm X-T200: Best beginner mirrorless cameras compared

Who makes the best beginner mirrorless camera under $700? Fujifilm's refined styling takes on Sony's unbeatable performance in this head-to-head comparison.
sony rx100 cameras compared vii lifestyle 4 700x467 c

Sony has 6 different RX100 cameras. Which one should you buy?

The RX100 series has been a top choice of photographers for years. With six models still on the market new, here's what you need to know before choosing one.
fujifilm focus on video x t2 top lenses

Don’t upgrade your camera. It won’t make you a better photographer

Photographers are not spared from upgrade culture, but it's a trap we need to avoid. Image quality matured years ago, and your current camera is probably fine.
best waterproof camera bags dryzone featured

The best waterproof camera bags

Keep your gear safe with the best waterproof and weatherproof camera bags for all walks of photographer.

7 cheap camera hacks to get creative with your mirrorless camera or DSLR

You don't need to spend and arm and a leg to take better pictures with your camera. Many of these hacks rely on everyday household items or cheap accessories.
Sony A6600 top with 16-55 f/2.8

Sony A6600 vs. Sony A6100: A choice with no wrong answer

Sony's Alpha A6600 is its flagship APS-C camera. But sharing much with the entry-level A6100, is it worth an extra $800?
how to photograph natural light portraits indoors dscf0703

How to shoot natural light portraits at home

Stuck at home? Grab your camera and turn your home into a natural light studio with these tips and tricks for shooting professional-quality indoor portraits.
its time for instagram to fully embrace the desktop instagra

It’s time for Instagram to fully embrace the desktop

Instagram now allows users to send direct messages from their desktop. But why stop there? We say it's time for Instagram to offer a full desktop experience.
Ricoh GR III

The best cameras for street photography

Street photography is all about the decisive moment, and these cameras are the best way to help you capture it.
fujifilm x100v vs x100f lifestyle 3 700x467 c

Fujifilm X100V vs. X100F: Should you upgrade to Fujifilm’s newest rangefinder?

The X100V is the most significant refresh to the X100 line in years, but with the X100F already so refined, is it worth the upgrade?
how to edit photos in instagram featured

Beyond filters: Unlock the power hidden in Instagram’s photo editing tools

Move beyond filters. For quick fixes and subtle enhancements, you can do all of your image editing directly within Instagram -- but there are some limitations.
the coronavirus has me stuck in colombia photography is keeping sane whatsapp image 2020 02 11 at 18 45 44

The coronavirus has me stuck in Colombia. Photography is keeping me sane

I planned to be in Medellin, Columbia, for two weeks. Now, due to the coronavirus, it may be months. Here's how I'm coping as a travel photographer on lockdown.
Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm X-T4 vs. Fujifilm X-T3: What to know before you upgrade

The Fujifilm X-T4 has officially been announced, but do in-body stabilization, a bigger battery, and a fully-articulating screen earn its higher price?
nikon d780 review product  6

Nikon D750 vs. D780: 5 years in the making, Nikon’s newest proves its worth

On its release, the Nikon D750 was a great camera. But is it any match for its successor, the D780? Let's fine out.
best GoPro accessories

The best GoPro accessories

A GoPro is only as good as the tools you use with it. With so many options on the market, finding the best GoPro accessories can be a hassle, but you'll find our favorites here. From housings to dog harnesses, here's what you need to protect your investment or gain a new perspective.
iphone xr instagram

5 alternatives to Instagram and Facebook for photographers

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter changed the way we share our photographs. But as photographers become more frustrated with algorithms and ads, it might be time to consider some alternatives.
nikon d780 review product  6

Nikon D780 vs Canon EOS 6D Mark II: The battle of budget full-frame DSLRs

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II and Nikon D780 are two of the most well-rounded DSLRs you can buy. The Nikon released over two years after the Canon and has some objective advantages -- but the Canon is now much more affordable.
dramatic street photography tips 28

Street photography tips: How to add drama to your images

Street photography may be about documenting everyday life, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to make the ordinary look a little more extraordinary. Here are three essential tips for creating more dramatic and compelling street photographs.
Sony A7R III

Sony A7R IV vs. A7R III: An extra 20 megapixels isn’t the only difference

The Sony A7R IV is turning heads with its 61-megapixel full-frame sensor. But just how much has it improved over its predecessor, and do you really need it? Here's how the two models compare.
best camera flashes profoto a1x lifestyle

The best external camera flashes

A good external flash makes your camera more capable and opens up new creative lighting options for you. The Profoto A1X puts studio lighting power on top of your camera, but it comes at a price. Here are the other best camera flashes for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic cameras.
best tech of 2019 camera sony a7r iv

7 cameras that revolutionized photography and changed how we take pictures

Panasonic Lumix S1R Review

Leica SL2 vs Panasonic Lumix S1R: Two L-mount leaders with one big difference

The Leica Sl2 and The Panasonic Lumix S1R are both full-frame mirrorless powerhouses built around the same 47-megapixel sensor. They share a lot of the same underlying technology, but there are some surprising differences between the two -- and not just in price.
how to make a pinhole camera screenshot 2019 10 09 at 123311 pm

How to make a pinhole camera and develop your own photos at home

You may think of a camera a complicated, highly technical, and expensive piece of machinery -- but at its most basic, it's just a box with a hole in it. Here's how to make your own pinhole camera in the comfort of your home, using low-cost and basic materials.
google pixelbook i7 price cut amazon

Need to edit photos on a Chromebook? Here are the best tools for the job

Here are the best apps for editing photos on a Chromebook, from Polarr to Lightroom CC. While the lightweight laptop is down on power and flexibility compared to a Windows or MacOS machine, that doesn't mean it can't work for photographers who need a budget solution to editing on the go.
adobe max sneaks 2019 dscf6415

Tired of being left out of the family photos you take? Adobe has a solution

At its annual Max show, Adobe showed off a number of in-development technologies that could drastically change how we edit photos and videos. These include tools for adding a missing person into a group photo and relighting an image to make it look like it was shot at a different time of day.
adobe lightroom cc new features max 2019 lr interactive tutorial

Adobe Lightroom CC: All the new features announced at Max 2019

From drag-and-drop importing to advanced export options, Adobe put a welcome focus on workflow and quality of life improvements for Lightroom CC. The cloud-based photo organizing and editing platform is faster, easier to use, and closes the gap between it and the pro-oriented Lightroom Classic.
adobe shoots for future with photoshop camera app 2

Adobe shoots for the future with Photoshop Camera app for iOS and Android

Adobe's upcoming camera app for iOS and Android will bring the power of Photoshop and Adobe's Sensei A.I. to mobile phone photographers. Adobe has always looked to push boundaries for creative technology, but will Photoshop Camera be a serious tool, or a simple gimmick?
fujifilm x t3 review 016 1

Fujifilm X-T3 vs. Sony A6600: Flagship APS-C mirrorless cameras compared

Both the Fujifilm X-T3 and the Sony A6600 are quality cameras. The A6600 is a year newer, but the X-T3 still maintains some advantages, including a newer sensor. Here's how the two cameras compare across features, performance, and design.