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The best waterproof camera bags

Cameras are expensive pieces of kit, so you definitely want to keep yours safe. Cameras and water tend not to go well together, and a thorough soaking while you’re out can spell doom for your camera. Stop that from happening with a good waterproof camera bag.

The best options have several protective pockets for all of your gear, like flashes or a tripod. They also have adjustable, cushioned straps — but not every option is going to suit everyone. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Here are some of the best waterproof camera bags for 2020. If you don’t need something that’s water-resistant, then check out our list of even more great camera bags.

The Best

Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack

Lowepro is no stranger to making quality products. The DryZone 200 is a waterproof camera bag capable of holding a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and several lenses. There’s also enough room to fit a mid-range zoom attached to the body. The interior dividers can be rearranged to fit a selection of gear, while a tripod can be strapped to the front.

The bag is made of a soft-sided 600 denier TXP and 2000 denier ballistic nylon. The well-designed TIZIP zipper provides 100% watertight protection, making sure your gear is safe when working in and around water. The DryZone 200 comes with self-draining outer mesh pockets, can be transported with a rubber carrying handle, or worn as a backpack with cushioned, comfortable, and adjustable shoulder straps.

For the price, the Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack is a small and worthwhile investment to protect your expensive camera gear.

The Rest

CineBags CB23

CineBags has always had the professional in mind. Beyond that, the products appeal to the consumer who likes the very best in quality. The CineBags CB23 continues the company trend of designing extremely high-end products. The CB23 is both rugged and waterproof and can put up a fight and win against some of the more testing conditions.  It’s fully customizable, giving you the option to pack in a camera and lens, as well as a 15-inch laptop.

Unlike the DryZone 200, the CB23 doesn’t come with as many options for carrying multiple pieces of gear. The bag is aimed more at the travel and street photographer that doesn’t worry too much about a wide selection of lens options and accessories. But that doesn’t mean that CineBags CB23 is small. In fact, for video cameras, the bag is compatible with a camera the size of the  Sony HVR-Z1U, for example.

The CineBags CB23 comes with a padded interior, a large padded shoulder harness, and an inner dust cover, giving your gear added protection against the elements.

Domke F-803

If you prefer something a little more low-key and stylish, the Domke F-803 is a solid option. Its simple and chic design will look great as you roam around with your camera. The satchel is made from waterproof cotton canvas and has padded sidewalls and bottom to keep your gear secure and protected. This isn’t the bag to transport your entire kit, but it has ample space for a camera body and a couple of smaller lenses. Plus, the two outer pockets have enough room for extra batteries and SD cards.

While the Domke F-803 isn’t for the heavy-duty photographer, it’s perfect for travel and street photographers who may get caught up in the rain and snow, and need reassurance their gear will be safe.

Think Tank Photo Spectral 8

The Think Tank Photo Spectral 8 combines the stylish over-the-shoulder look of the F-803 and the durability of some of the more weather-resistant options on this list. The camera bag comes with a waterproof tarpaulin base, rain cover, and 420D velocity nylon construction. Inside, you can carry a camera body, with the option of including one to three lenses. For extra security, the bag closes with a magnetic Fidlock clasp, ensuring there’s no easy access for potential thieves or accidental spills.

If you like to edit images on the go, on an iPad Mini for example, the Think Tank Photo Spectral 8 can hold an 8-inch tablet (with padded protection). There’s also space for an external flash, batteries, SD Cards, and other accessories.

Miggo Agua Stormproof Torso Pack 65

While the name may not run smoothly off the tongue, the Miggo Aqua Stormproof Torso Pack 65 is certainly up to scratch when it comes to protecting your expensive gear. Despite its clean, compact design, you can still fit in a camera body and a telephoto lens (the size of a 70-200mm). Furthermore, there’s extra storage space for multiple batteries and cables.

The Torso Pack 65 meets the IPX3 rainproof standard, which should keep your gear protected even in heavy rains. The thermo-forming reinforced bottom and double-layered construction should give you extra confidence in the robustness of the bag. Both the outer straps and inner pads are adjustable, so you’ll have no issues wearing the bag in a way that suits your needs.

Nanuk 935 Pro Photo Kit

While the Nanuk 935 Pro Photo Kit is more of a case than a bag, it will appeal to those who don’t mind sacrificing some portability in exchange for maximum protection. You can’t get any more durable and waterproof than this.

The 935 is made from lightweight NK-7 resin and is fully waterproof, meeting IP67 standards. In real-world talk, that means your gear is as safe as safe can be. If you’re concerned about your gear getting dirty or damaged, don’t be. The 935 is both dust resistant and shockproof.

As expected, with a case of this size (521 x 287 x 191 millimeters), you have plenty of storage options. The padded interior is capable of holding multiple cameras and lenses, as well as plenty of accessories, including laptops and cables. The case features three zippered and anti-tear compartments, providing versatility and durability to last for years. As is the norm with a case of this design, the Nanuk 935 can be carried like a large briefcase or rolled on wheels like a suitcase.

Certainly, not everyone needs a case this robust. However, if you have a large amount of gear you need to keep safe while in transit, whether in the cargo hold of a plane, the trunk of your car, or strapped to a whitewater raft, then the Nanuk 935 is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Does every photographer need a waterproof camera bag?

The short answer is yes — or at last a weatherproof one.

You may not shoot in intense conditions or find yourself using professional-grade gear, but you’ll always be exposed to liquid in one way or another. From heavy rain to accidental drink spills, water damage can happen even when we least expect it. Having a waterproof camera bag gives you the added peace of mind that your camera and equipment are safe. Even if you use entry-level equipment, your gear may hold a lot of emotional value. Having a waterproof camera bag could be the difference between you having your beloved camera for many years, or having to deal with the pain of losing it forever.

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