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Tired of being left out of the family photos you take? Adobe has a solution

For many in attendance, the most exciting part of Adobe Max is Sneaks. It’s a chance for Adobe’s developers to come out and show the world everything they’ve been working on behind the scenes, and to boast about what cool features we can all expect in the future. After already being treated to the roll-out of the updated Photoshop App for iPad, and the new Photoshop Camera, we waited with bated breath for what else Adobe had in store for us. They didn’t disappoint.

It’s important to note that projects announced at Sneaks are exactly that; projects. They aren’t full applications or planned additions to existing ones, so when or if they make it to market remains up in the air. Still, they offer a look at some amazing new tools that may one day make their way to photographers and videographers in the real world.

Project All In

#AllinSneak: Adobe MAX 2019 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of having a family photo in which the only person missing from it is the photographer (usually your uncle), then you’ll love the idea of Project All In. Using Adobe Sensei technology, Project All In uses artificial intelligence to analyzes two separate images, identifies which person is missing, and cuts and pastes them automatically into the main image. So long as you have a picture of your uncle somewhere, you can make sure gets added in to the family portrait — without spending hours practicing your Lasso tool skills in Photoshop.

Project Light Right

#LightRightSneak: Adobe MAX 2019 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the more impressive features on display was Project Light Right, a tool that can be used with either stills or video. Light Right gives users complete control over the lighting in the scene — after it’s been shot. Want to turn a day time shot into a sunset image? No problem. Light Right gives you the ability to move shadows, change the light, and even turn a day time shot into a night time shot — all in just a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Project About Face

If you’ve ever questioned the authenticity of an image — which you undoubtedly have given the prevalence of doctored images today — then About Face is here to answer your doubts. The software has the ability to analyze the pixels in an image and judge whether or not the original image has been edited and modified. More impressively, if an image has been manipulated, About Face can then produce a version of what the original image would look like. In a world of fake news, this tool will be great for keeping the integrity of the photographic practice.

Project Go Figure

If you want to turn a video into an animation, Go Figure will make it easier than ever. Adobe Sensei is able to use body tracking on a video of a real-life person and then transfer the motion to your animated character. It’s like motion capture, but without the expensive equipment, skin-tight suits, and ping pong balls!

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