The best selfie fails: 10 self-portraits gone awry

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Last year, a British study reported that selfies are one of the most popular genres of photography. Surprised? We’ve all at least seen a few of those self-indulgent self-portraits in front of a souped-up Acura or bathroom mirror before. The shots are everywhere these days, giving us the impression that we have control over our digital identity. The phenomenon (or, is it obsession?) has become so intense that some attempts to take the perfect self-portrait have resulted in harm or even death.

Nonetheless, every so often a selfie can capture a spontaneous moment, whether the photo was intentional or merely a victim of precise timing. That’s when things get interesting. Here are 10 selfies that went awry the moment the shutter opened.

#1: Cat selfie — Felines may be a tad cliche in 2014, but few have eyes that scream “murder” quite like this one.

#2: Another cat selfie — Somehow all family portraits devolve into this.

#3: Funeral selfie — Sad, but true. Check out the subtle photobomb.

#4: Stolen dress selfie  Needless to say, the cops arrived shortly after.

stolen dress selfie

 #5: Running of the bulls selfie — How do you say “selfie” in Spanish?

#6: Intentional selfie on fire — Is this really what it takes to go viral? Seems like a fire hazard to us.

on fire selfie

image: Wired

#7: Bad-guy selfie — This is what pre-gaming looks like in the 21st century, regardless if you have plans to meet at the closest bar or rob a convenience store.

#8: Camel selfie — She never saw it coming. That’s why we’ve seen it everywhere.

camel selfie

via reddit

#9: Hot dog-leg selfie — Human thighs or dual hot dogs? You decide.

#10: Contractions selfie — This guy might be in the running for the most obnoxious student ever, given his teacher is having contractions. Still, you gotta give him credit.

selfie with teacher

via Malik

[Header image courtesy of ArtFamily/Shutterstock]