Butterfleye camera keeps tabs of your home with thermal, motion detection

butterfleye wireless home camera 1
Butterfleye has various sensors that notify you when activity is detected in your home.

Smart technology is becoming more prevalent in our homes, particularly in terms of security. Ideas like the nanny cam have been reimagined by different companies to accommodate today’s tech savvy individuals, and the Butterfleye camera looks to make a mark on the home security field.

Butterfleye is a wireless, cordless home security camera that joins the ranks of Dropcam and several other smart webcam systems designed to keep a vigilant watch while you’re away. This intelligent camera is fitted with thermal and motion detectors, in addition to facial recognition technology – you’ll also be able to check out a live video feed at your leisure using your smartphone.

Able to capture 1920 x 1080 full HD video, Butterfleye springs into action whenever heat, motion, or faces are detected (yes, including pets). The camera offers a blend of security and playfulness, as it can alert you if someone is trying to break into your home, and also snap 3-megapixel still images should your pet, friends, or family wander into the camera’s frame. Butterfleye’s vast sensor array, connected software, and Wi-Fi connectivity is referred to as “Active Eye Technology” by the camera’s creators. 

See what's happening at home anytime with the Butterflyeye App.
See what’s happening at home anytime with the Butterflyeye App. Notifications alert you if anything triggers the camera.

Butterfleye has different modes that can be changed manually or automatically as soon as you arrive at home; when you come into range of the camera with your smartphone, Butterfleye can switch between “away,” “home,” or “auto shutdown” modes using its Wi-Fi and iBeacon technologies. Butterfleye syncs to your smartphone (or tablet) with an iOS app (Android may have a future release) and automatically saves your media files in the cloud.

You charge the camera with a micro USB cable, which gives you approximately two weeks of battery life, and allow you to move the camera from spot to spot without worrying about constant recharging. 

Butterfleye founder and CEO Ben Nader foresees the camera playing a prominent role in homes worldwide. “The first generation is all about peace of mind and connecting to the home, then the roadmap is about smart decision-making,” he told Gizmodo.

According to Gizmag, the company is already planning to integrate Butterfleye into smart homes by collaborating with developers to connect third-party software and devices to the camera. The company also says its “Active Eye Technology” will eventually work with smartwatches and intelligent lighting systems.

The Butterfleye home camera is now available for pre-order on the company’s main site for $200, with shipping costs ranging from 0 to $30 depending on what part of the world you’re in. The camera and app is scheduled to ship in early 2015.  

Check out how the Butterfleye camera can give you “peace of mind” in this short video:

(Via Gizmodo)