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This camera-shaped building lets you relieve yourself, doesn’t pay homage to photography

camera shaped building lets relieve doesnt pay homage photography public toilet

You might think this building serves as the entrance to a photography museum, except the word “toilet” suggests otherwise. This structure, disguised as a (not so) compact camera – down to the vent on top, which looks like a shutter button – actually houses five public restrooms, with the entrance on the other side. 

The unusual “poop and shoot” building is located in the Chinese city of Chongqing, on the busy Yuzhou Road. As motorists drive by the building, they can make out the familiar shape of a digital camera with the round lens in the middle. As strange as it is, it seems to have become an attraction. Residents say it may have designed to look like a camera due to the proximity of an electronics marketplace. Why it had to be a restroom, and not a camera shop, makes this structure that much weirder. Let’s hope there aren’t actual cameras inside recording you doing your business.

Of course, it’s not the first time a building has been designed to resemble a product. The Longaberger Company has its home office shaped like one of the baskets it makes, and BMW’s Munich HQ tower looks like engine cylinders. Those companies, however, actually manufacture what those buildings are suppose to mimic.

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