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Canon rumored to give select photographers 7D Mark II prototypes at Brazil World Cup

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Update 5-22-2014: Rumors of the 7D’s impending arrival continues. SLR Lounge is reporting that the camera could debut at the World Cup in Brazil during the summer. There are claims that prototypes are being handed out to select photographers who are covering the games, similar as Nikon did at the Sochi Olympics. Canon is said to make an official debut at the Photokina show in Germany in September, five years after the original 7D’s unveil. (H/t The Phoblographer)

Rumors about the release of a new Canon EOS 7D DSLR have been circulating throughout the Web for quite some time. The 7D was a well-received camera when it first launched in 2009, leaving many to expect Canon to release an updated version.

That isn’t so much of a lofty expectation considering Canon has released several different versions or “Marks” of its most popular cameras over the years. The EOS 5D was released in mid 2005; the 5D Mark II came just over three years later; and the 5D Mark III took about four years to hit the market after that. Canon’s EOS 1D cameras came in five iterations, with even less time between each individual release than the 5D cameras.

Keeping in-line with its custom of releasing upgraded camera versions in intervals of a two-four years, it makes good business sense foreseeing a 7D Mark II in the near future.

But, remember, it’s still a rumor based on past releases, as Canon hasn’t officially said anything about a new camera. If there were to be a new 7D, this new model is likely to be fitted with added megapixels and a higher ISO expansion while retaining the weatherproof design of the “Mark I” body (check out the rumored specs below). It has been speculated that this new model could use a Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology similar to that of the Canon EOS 70D – a feature we really like – according to a report from Northlight Images, a Canon rumor site. However, the site also claims that manufacturing issues with the 70D’s sensor might end up delaying the release of a 7D Mark II even longer.

Whether or not a 7D Mark II is in the works, the rumor sites seem pretty certain there will be one. Like always, take this info with a grain of salt, and wait for officially confirmation from Canon.

(Via PetaPixel via The Phoblographer; this article was originally published on April 16, 2014)

Rumored Canon EOS 7D Mark II specs:

  • 20-megapixel APS-C sensor
  • ISO100-12,800 (25,600 expanded)
  • 1/8,000-30 second shutter
  • 150k shutter life
  • Quiet shutter
  • 19-point, phase-detect autofocus
  • Metering at -0.5 – 18ev
  • 8 frames-per-second burst
  • Buffer at 15 Raw / 126 JPEG
  • 3-inch (1,040k) LCD touchscreen
  • Optional Wi-Fi
  • Body Mag Alloy (splash- and dust-proof)
  • Battery capacity at 850 shots
  • 5.8 x 4.4 x 2.9 inches (approximate)
  • 910g

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