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Canon’s new Pixma all-in-one printers get sleek design and smaller footprint

Canon today updated its Pixma all-in-one printers with four new all-in-one wireless models (copy, scan, print; no fax), the TS5020, TS6020, TS8020, and TS9020. With a fresh exterior design, the printers have improved ease of use thanks to touchscreens (except on the TS5020 model) and a new user interface. They are also more compact and sleeker than the MG-series printers they replace — reduced footprint by as much as 15 percent — while not sacrificing on features.

The top of the line TS9020 comes with a large, 5-inch touchscreen while the TS8020’s screen shrinks to 4.3 inches. The TS6020 has a 3-inch touchscreen, while the TS5020, as the entry-level model, makes due with a non-touch, 3-inch screen and physical buttons. The higher-end models also feature a panel that automatically opens and retracts to reveal the paper tray; the lower-end models are manually operated. Canon also brought back the rear paper feed, which had been removed from the previous MG-series models; Canon said this return to the old design had been requested by customers.

All four printers feature an impressive startup time of just six seconds — half the time compared to the outgoing MG-series models. Each TS printer offers access to Canon’s Pixma Cloud Link service, so users can print from virtually anywhere via a compatible phone or tablet, as long as there’s an Internet connection. The printers also feature Google Cloud Print integration, allowing Gmail messages, attachments, and certain Google Docs to be sent straight to the printer. The higher-end TS8020 and TS9020 models can also print directly from Android devices using NFC, or from Apple devices via AirPrint.

Canon Pixma TS9020
Canon Pixma TS9020

And of course, being compatible with Canon Cloud Link means users have access to over 120 coloring pages onto which they can freely print and color to relieve stress or simply pass the time. All of the printers also include Canon’s My Image Garden software that lets you print a variety of things, from greeting cards to calendars. The TS printers can also print onto a new square photo paper that Canon is releasing — a nod to Instagram, perhaps.`

When using the scanning capabilities of the new multifunction printers, Canon has added a simple yet helpful feature: the LCD screen will display a warning reminding users not to forget any important documents left in the scanning bed.

Canon is also quick to advertise the minimalist style of the new printers, which are all available in multiple colors. The TS9020 features clean lines and sharp corners, while the lower end models are a bit softer. The TS5020 and TS6020 are available in black, white, or gray, and retail for just $100 and $150, respectively. The TS8020 comes in black, white, red, and brown and sells for $180, while the TS9020 is available in two-tone red/black or white/black and sells for $200.

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