Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart uses Fuuvi Bee tiny toy camera to create video art


When you hear about one of the members of the seminal band the Eurythmics, you usually hear about Annie Lennox, who continues to get her time in the spotlight. While Dave Stewart, the other half of the duo, still performs, he hasn’t stepped into the mainstream limelight here in the U.S. as much. But this modern Renaissance man and tech geek has actually been dabbling in all sorts of endeavors that go beyond music, including photography.

Although he is known more as a musician, Stewart is also a notable photographer. His subjects include fellow musicians, celebrities, and regular folks. While he has an arsenal of digital and film cameras at his disposal (he uses Canon EOS 5D Mark II), lately he’s been playing with the Fuuvi Bee 8mm retro camera from Japan, which goes for about $60-80.

dave-stewart-usatoday-1In an interview with USA Today’s Talking Your Tech column, Stewart referred to the Fuuvi Bee as an easy camera to use. It’s small and looks like a toy – nost people don’t think you’re filming them. He said they look at him and think he has a toy or cigarette lighter in his hand, not a camera. 

The Fuuvi Bee has become one of Stewart’s key accessories. He does explain that the camera is only capable of filming one way, as if it was an 8mm film camera, with no effects. It is not like applying a filter to video captured on your phone where you can give it a more grainy texture or clean things up. Check out USA Today for more of Stewart’s interview.

(Stewart image via USA Today; Fuuvi image via AC Gears)