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‘Distance Between Dreams’ takes you on, above, and under biggest waves in surfing

Distance Between Dreams | OFFICIAL TRAILER
Redbull Media House and Freeride Entertainment have released the first trailer for the upcoming film Distance Between Dreams. The surfing doc is the second installment in The Unrideables series, and follows esteemed surfer Ian Walsh and friends as they push the limits of the sport by riding giant El Niño-powered waves throughout the Pacific.

“The sheer talent of surfers charging big waves right now, matched with advancing safety technology and innovations in board design, have helped progress big wave surfing to heights that we couldn’t imagine just a few years ago,” Walsh said in a statement.  “This film offers people a really in-depth look and feel for what we as surfers experience when trying to paddle into some of the biggest waves in the world.”

Many of those waves can be glimpsed in the trailer (above). It may be just over two minutes long, but if it’s any indication of the full film, then surfing fans (and even nonfans) are in for a treat. The stunning visuals were captured from a variety of cameras and angles, mixing point-of-view footage with aerial and underwater shots to capture the beauty — and terrifying power — of big ocean swells.

Complementing the camera work is an original score by Grammy-nominated producer Tom Holkenborg, who has worked on a number of Hollywood films, including Mad Max: Fury Road and Deadpool. He said Distance Between Dreams presented a unique challenge.

“Trying to tell Ian’s story was a tremendous learning experience for me,” said Holkenborg. “The ocean is a magical place, but it’s also dangerous. Capturing Ian’s spirit and the dichotomy of his environment is what is at the heart of this score.”

Distance Between Dreams is set to premiere on November 26 in Kahului, Hawaii, and will be available to the public on iTunes on December 2.

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