Duracell Pushes New Digital Camera Battery

Battery maker Duracell is targeting digital camera users today as they announced a new nickel oxy hydroxide based battery line. Available in AA and AAA sizes, PowerPix batteries should be available starting this month.

The PowerPix batteries, Duracell said, are disposable digital camera batteries which reportedly deliver up to twice as many pictures as an ordinary alkaline battery. These batteries are powered by Duracell’s NIOx nickel oxy hydroxide based technology. The nickel oxy hydroxide technology is also found in a line of batteries Panasonic has been promoting.

“Digital cameras are central to consumers’ lives, and these sophisticated devices have high energy demands,” said Mark Bertolami, vice president of marketing, Duracell, said in a statement. “Approximately three out of four consumers currently power their digital cameras with ordinary alkaline batteries, which can lead to frustrating results. Fueled by an advanced technology, PowerPix will deliver longer-lasting performance and a more satisfying experience – especially for moderate camera users.”