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DJI releases its Pocket 2 gimbal camera in a new color

DJI has released its Pocket 2 camera in a new color.

Meet DJI Pocket 2: Sunset White

The company launched its diminutive gimbal camera in 2019 before rolling out an updated version, the Pocket 2, last October.

This week, DJI announced the Pocket 2 Sunset White, offering an alternative color to the current black design and touting it as the perfect match for the brighter days of summer.

The black and white versions of the Pocket 2 are exactly the same, except when it comes to price.

The new Pocket 2 Sunset White cannot be bought as a stand-alone device. Instead, if you really want the camera in the new color, you’ll have to fork out $439 for the “Exclusive Combo” kit, which includes a bunch of accessories — all in white, of course. That’s $90 more than the black DJI Pocket 2, which for $349 gets you the same accessories except for a sling strap. With that in mind, the black Pocket 2 is clearly better value.

There’s also the Pocket 2 “Creator Combo” in black, which costs $499 and offers several more accessories than the white kit, such as a microphone windscreen and wide-angle lens converter.

DJI launched the 117-gram Pocket as a tiny, easy-to-carry video and stills camera, which, thanks to its three-axis gimbal, guarantees super-steady footage.

Able to capture up to 140 minutes of footage at 1080p (less when shooting 4K) on a single charge, the Pocket 2 boasts a larger sensor and vastly improved audio over its predecessor. It also offers a 93-degree field of view, wider than the 80 degrees of the original Pocket, which many selfie-shooting vloggers complained was too narrow.

Since the launch of the Pocket 2 last fall, DJI has rolled out various firmware updates to boost the device’s autofocus, HDR video, and subject-tracking capabilities.

The Pocket 2 Sunset White is available now via DJI’s website, though the company says that due to limited availability, each customer can only purchase one unit.

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