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Edelkrone’s QuickRelease One is a revolutionary way to mount your camera

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE
Attaching cameras to various mounts and accessories is about to get a whole lot easier.

Czech Republic-based photography company Edelkrone showed off the QuickRelease One, an attachment that simplifies the process of moving your camera from one accessory — or mount — to the next.

The key to the QuickRelease One’s design is its use of the standard 1/4-inch, 20-tripod screw, a design choice Edelkrone refers to as “seeing the standard in chaos.” Rather than coming up with yet another proprietary mounting system, the QuickRelease One simply improves upon the standard tripod mount through the use of a locking mechanism that uses three rotating screws and a set of internal gears to expedite the threading process.

As seen in the demo video above, the QuickRelease One is attached to the bottom of your camera system using the tripod mount.

When you want to attach it to a different accessory or mount, a simple half-twist of the device locks it into place, ensuring your gear doesn’t take any unwanted tumbles. Gone are the days of having to hold your camera while you twist the mounting plate onto the bottom.

Edelkrone claims the QuickRelease One system is capable of holding up to 6.6 pounds of camera gear, which should be more than enough for any mirrorless setup and most DSLR setups unless you have a large telephoto attached.

The patent-pending design seems like an obvious one. But it’s a solution no other photography accessory manufacturer has thought of yet. Admittedly, it would be neat to see Edelkrone open-source the design and concept so other manufacturers could hop on board, but we can’t fault them for wanting to capitalize on its brilliant engineering.

The QuickRelease One can be purchased through Edelkrone’s online store for approximately $95.

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