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ExoLens Case combines lens-mounting capability with phone protection

exolens case iphone 7
ExoLens, which partnered with Zeiss to produce high-quality add-on optics for the iPhone camera, has just announced a new case for the iPhone 7. Simply called the ExoLens Case, it combines lens-mounting capability with phone protection. The case can stay on a user’s phone at all times, with or without lenses attached, simplifying the process of using the accessory optics. Previously available only for the iPhone 6/6 Plus models, the new case extends support to the iPhone 7.

The ExoLens Case is an optional replacement to existing iPhone 7 mounting hardware, like the Bracket that secured across the back of the phone or the minimalist Edge that clipped to the top. It’s the first ExoLens mounting solution that can unobtrusively be left on the phone when lenses are not attached, and is a direct response to user feedback.

“After launching our line of Zeiss ExoLens mobile photography solutions earlier this year, consumers told us that they loved the mobile photography lenses, but also expressed a desire for a solution that protected their iPhone, while still providing the lens attachment capability,” said John Fellowes, CEO of ExoLens’ parent company, Fellowes Brands.

The new iPhone 7 case will support both the current Pro series, as well as the upcoming Prime series lenses. Geared toward enthusiast and professional mobile photographers, the Pro wide angle and telephoto lenses use Zeiss-designed optics, and are built with image quality and durability in mind. The Prime lenses have yet to be announced, but will focus on more casual use and should be available in early 2017. The case itself is on display at CES this week, and should also be available in the first quarter of the year.

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