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Flickr celebrates International Women’s Day from a female lens

From Ilse Bing to Dorthea Lange, the camera has given women a visual voice. As part of International Women’s Day on Wednesday and Women’s History Month, Flickr is celebrating the female voice in photography with #ThroughHerLens.

The campaign aims to celebrate female photographers by collecting images marked with the hashtag to celebrate photographers from different backgrounds — and different parts of the world. Throughout March, Flickr will feature several female photographers on the blog.

Images uploaded with the #ThroughHerLens tag cross multiple genres from childhood to street photography, nature, and selfies. All female photographers are invited to join, including both smartphone photographers and professionals.

Iwona Podlasinska, the first photographer featured in the #ThroughHerLens campaign, is an architect that simply wanted her family photos to be unique. She began studying photography at night when her firstborn was just a few months old. Now a mom to two boys, she shares photos capturing the magic of childhood with over 20,000 followers, often shot in suburban and rural Poland near the family’s home.

Photography itself is helping to bring back some of the magic of her own childhood, she says. “I remember how everything seemed big and mysterious,” she said. “I try to capture that amazement. I love to see them soaked into their little children world or to see them daydreaming. This year while spending time by the sea I was reminded of the first time I saw the sea and how it felt. I remembered flying kites on the beach and want to capture something like that [wonder] with my kids.”

One of those photos was also part of Flickr’s most viewed photographs in 2015.

Flickr will continue sharing stories and photographs from women around the world throughout the month of March, including Yuliya Bahr later this week. Bahr is a Berlin native that travels throughout the world as a wedding photographer. As she follows couples across multiple countries (and three different languages) she enjoys catching both the cultural differences and universal love.

To view additional #Throughherlens images, visit the collection on Flickr.

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