Fuijfilm’s mirrorless camera will sport groundbreaking sensor technology

camera sensorsWe recently reported that various signs (including some revealing leaked photos) point toward a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera from Fujifilm in our near future. Rumor has it the device, while sharing various similarities with its MFT brethren from Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon, will actually sport an APS-CMOS sized sensor. That sets it considerably apart from this competition (with the exception of the Sony NEX-7, which has a full-frame sensor).

sensor_sizesBetter yet, this DSLR-level sensor will be packaged in an X100-like package, the mirrorless, fixed-lens camera that has turned many heads for its good looks.

But back to the sensor. According to Petapixel, a DPreview forum member has offered some details about this technology, and if it’s true we’re looking at some groundbreaking advances from the Fujifilm LX (as it’s currently been dubbed). It’s called an “organic sensor,” and something like it has yet to be seen in digital imaging. Fujifilm was just granted a patent for the technology last week. According to the forum comment:

“The camera uses a completely new sensor technology, presumably the Organic CMOS which has been developed by Fujifilm during the last 5-6 years. Fujifilm has already said that the new sensor will have lowlight performance that rivals the current best full frame SLR sensors. And based on what I read about the Fujifilm’s revolutionary Organic CMOS, I have no reason to doubt this claim.”

If this is true, it would give Fuijfilm a serious leg up on the competition. Sensor size is one element DSLR enthusiasts tout over MFT shooters, and it could sway some skeptics if the LX was packing such a significant step in mirrorless sensors.