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Fujifilm’s budget mirrorless cameras get a boost with focus, portrait firmware

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Fujifilm X-A3 and X-A10 shooters will want to watch for new firmware — the company today confirmed that an update to improve both image quality and autofocus speed through software will be coming later this month.

The new firmware, both in version 2.00, will enhance the quality of shots taken in the Portrait Enhancer mode. Both the X-A3 and X-A10 are sort of selfie cameras with flip up LCD screens and the Portrait Enhancer mode. The shooting mode uses built-in software to automatically enhance portraits, brightening and smoothing skin along in addition to the settings under the normal portrait mode, including eye-detection autofocus.

Along with the boost to the automatic portrait edits, the update will also improve autofocus performance in low light.

Fujifilm didn’t specify exact improvements that the firmware will bring to the Portrait Enhancer, just that it’s getting enhanced. The company also didn’t specify if “autofocus performance” indicates speed, accuracy, or both factors.

“Fujifilm continues to incorporate customer feedback into future performance enhancements so customers can keep using our digital cameras for years to come,” the official statement reads.

Both the X-A3 and X-A10 are budget mirrorless cameras. The X-A10 borrows the same sensor from the older X-A2, while for $100 more, the X-A3 uses a 24-megapixel sensor and still has the hot shoe slot. Neither one uses Fujifilm’s X-Trans design, which removes the optical low pass filter for more detailed shots.

Fujifilm doesn’t shy from software updates — both the budget cameras and the new X-T20 are the only options in the current X line that are still using only the original version of the software. Along with bug fixes and compatibility updates, other firmware updates have enhanced the focus, improved controls, and added tethering capability.

The firmware will be available later this month directly from Fujifilm.

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