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Fujifilm’s selfie-loving Instax Mini 70 instant camera gets 3 new shiny colors

Fujifilm is giving the Instax Mini 70 instant camera three new color — Passion Red, Stardust Gold and Midnight Black– which will be available in stores, in mid-June 2016. They will cost $140 – the same as the original Instax Mini 70.

Nothing has changed with the new Instax Mini 70, other than the hue. It retains the more modern look introduced last year. Unlike the retro and bulbous designs of previous models, the Instax Mini 70 has sleek lines and curves (although there’s still somewhat of a throwback feel to the design). In addition to the new colors, it’s also available in blue, yellow, and white.

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The mini 70 family just got more colorful. Meet Passion Red, Midnight Black and Stardust Gold. Which one is your favorite? #myinstax #mini70

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The Instax Mini series has been a success for Fujifilm, appealing to a younger generation that didn’t grow up with instant cameras. The instant cameras use 2 x 3 film (actual image of 1.8 x 2.4, with room to write below the photo) with an ISO of 800 “that produce sharp clear reproduction for vivid color, natural skin tones and super fine grain instant pictures.” Like Polaroid cameras, you simply frame, shoot, and the photo pops out. Each pack of film (20 exposures) costs $20.

Operation wise, it’s the same as with any Instax camera. With the Instax Mini 70, Fujifilm added an improved viewfinder and a “smart selfie” mode that automatically adjust settings for those ever popular self-portraits. There’s even a tiny mirror in the front to help you frame your mug – an analog front camera, if you will. There’s auto exposure, a built-in flash, and a high-key mode for brighter photos. The Instax Mini 70 uses a 60mm fixed lens with a focusing distance 0.3 meters.

This article was originally published on September 30, 2015, and has been updated to reflect the new color options.

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