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Gitzo updates high-end Systematic tripods to make them even sturdier

gitzo systematic tripods updated
Gitzo Systematic tripods have long been a go-to choice for professional photographers working with heavy cameras and big lenses. The tripods, which lack a center column, offer increased stability that makes them suitable for the most demanding applications. Now, Gitzo has taken things a step further, updating its Systematic line with new materials and components that improve ease of use while further increasing stability.

The increased stability is partially a result of a new type of carbon fiber that Gitzo calls carbon eXact. The company claims this latest-generation material provides a better strength-to-weight ratio, increasing rigidity without adding mass. Stability is further improved by larger feet with a diameter of 50 millimeters, which better grip the ground, preventing slippage.

Like previous Systematic tripods, the legs can be locked at different angles, but the new G-Lock Ultra selectors promise to make the process of changing angles faster and easier than before. The new tripods also feature a 3/8-inch attachment point for sister company Manfrotto’s Easy Link system, which allows various accessories to be attached to the tripod, including clamps that can hold lights or reflectors. These are the first Gitzo tripods to feature the system.

Along with the new Systematic tripods, Gitzo also introduced updated carbon monopods. Built from the same carbon eXact material, the new monopods feature narrower diameters and lighter weight than their predecessors while maintaining equal strength and stability. They also feature the same big feet as the new tripods.

As with all Gitzo support gear, these new products won’t come cheap. The updated Systematic tripods start at $800, while the new Series 4 monopods start at $320. For more information, head over to Gitzo’s website.

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