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Hoya's latest two-in-one filter corrects odd color casts made by neutral density filters

hoya solas irnd filters introduced hoyairnd
Neutral density filters are often necessary for shooting long exposures or using fast lenses with cinema cameras, but they are also known to cause odd color casts that need to be corrected in post. Hoya’s latest photography accessory aims to correct that color shift by combining a neutral density with an infrared filter. Introduced Monday, the Hoya Solas IRND neutral density filters are designed for both still and video cameras.

Neutral density filters act as a pair of shades for cameras, blocking light to allow the photographer to achieve a wider depth of field or a longer exposure even in brightly lit scenes. IR filters, on the other hand, are used to get an unusual and almost otherworldly look by shooting with only infrared light.

The Solas uses the neutral density in the traditional sense — to block out light. The infrared aspect of the new filter, on the other hand, isn’t intended to get that characteristic infrared look, but instead blocks light from the red end of the spectrum to create an image with more accurate colors.

Hoya says that, along with achieving more accurate colors, the filters block out red noise and color shifts that occur from getting too much infrared light into an image. The color correction, red noise, and red color shift correction that the filter corrects helps photographers and videographers to save time in post, the company said.

Manufactured in Japan, the new filters will be sold in eight densities, covering a range from a one-stop to ten-stop light reduction. The Hoya Solas filters will be sold in sizes of from 49 to 82 mm, with the 1.8 and 3.0 density filters also fitting 46mm lenses.

Sold exclusively in the U.S., the Solas filters are available now, with list prices starting at $48.90.

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