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Insta360 teases a camera so small you can hardly see it

Our Next Camera – March 9

Insta360 is about to launch a very small camera that it’s describing as a “tiny, mighty surprise.”

We get the tiny bit, but mighty? We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

A teaser video ahead of the March 9 launch, presumably filmed using the incoming camera, features footage that passes between a variety of small objects, including the handle of a mug.

An accompanying image (below) with the pre-launch material also shows a partial view of the camera in someone’s palm, though it’s so small that you can hardly see it.

So what exactly does Insta360 have it up its sleeve (or in its hand, to be more precise)?

Well, the smallest camera among its current suite of consumer offerings is the life-logging Go device, designed to clip onto your shirt and capture moments from your incredibly exciting day (or not).

The Go and One R 1-inch Edition are currently the only non-360 cameras in Insta360’s lineup, so according to the teaser footage, the new camera will be its third such device. So is the new camera a follow-up to the Go? Or is it for YouTubers looking for new kinds of nook-and-cranny shots to jazz up their videos? Guess you’ll have to check back on March 9 to find out.

As part of a promotion campaign for its new camera, Insta360 has launched a contest with the new device as a prize. All you have to do is subscribe to its YouTube channel and then drop a comment under the teaser video describing what you’d shoot with its tiny camera. To find out if you’re a winner, check the comments section next Tuesday when the camera is unveiled.

China-based Insta360 wowed us last year with the release of the One R 360, a modular kit that offers sharp footage, impressive stabilization, and lots of features for fancy shots. Let’s hope it can wow us again next week.

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