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Instagram update adds systemwide iOS uploading with Share Sheet extension

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Gannon Burgett
It’s been a long time coming: After almost a decade in existence, Instagram has finally added the ability to export photos directly to Instagram across all of iOS.

By using the mobile operating system’s baked-in Share Sheet extension, users can now upload photos and video directly to Instagram using the native sharing support.

Until now, it was only possible to upload photos and video to Instagram within the app itself, or through a third-party app that had specifically created an export option for Instagram.

Considering Instagram has recently pulled the metaphorical rug out from underneath third-party developers by limiting API access dramatically, it makes sense that it chooses to add this feature now.

Instagram Share Sheet Screenshots

Like sharing anything else using the iOS Share Sheet extension, Instagram’s new feature enables users to share photos and videos with just a few taps. Although accessible, the feature isn’t turned on by default, so to enable it, users will have to go into the Share Sheet “more” option and tap the slider to enable Instagram.

The new feature is very welcomed, but it isn’t without its flaws. Considering the basic structure of the Share Sheet interface, users can only add a caption to the imagery being uploaded. No tagging, no location, no editing, and so on.

As such, it’s great for convenience when time is of the essence, but for more robust posts, the best bet is to still go through the app itself.

With API access becoming more and more limited for third-party developers, it’s nice to see Instagram add more systemwide integration. But it still isn’t exactly comforting to know that Instagram is really and truly going the way of its parent company, Facebook, in terms of making it so users have no other choice than to use the official app to browse images.

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