It’s curtains for a classic camera as Hasselblad bids farewell to the 503CW


In technology, nothing lasts forever, although some products certainly outlive their intended lifespan. That’s the case with the medium format Hasselblad V System series, an iconic collection of SLR cameras that has defined Hasselblad for more than half a century. But the time has come to close this chapter, as Hasselblad has announced they will stop production of the 503CW, the last of the V System.

“Everything has its place in time,” said Hasselblad Chairman and CEO Dr. Larry Hansen, in a statement. “The veteran 503CW combined with an extensive V System range of interchangeable lenses and accessories, was for 17 years the camera of choice for discerning professionals and aspirational amateur photographers.”

The V System has a distinctive, familiar shape and design. In fact, many of the world’s top photographers still use this camera that blends old-school charm with modern digital convenience, with lenses made by Carl Zeiss. But, according to Hasselblad, demand for the camera has been declining for the last five years, making now an appropriate time to shut down production and shift their attention elsewhere.

“Now of course the focus on medium format capture is on our H System – the world’s most advanced camera system. The latest generation cameras represent medium format capture engineering at its most exemplary and are well-placed to secure and underpin the company’s unrivalled reputation for providing highest image quality and craftsmanship. Additionally we are focusing on new products for advanced enthusiasts.”

If you want to pick up a bit of history – not to mention an excellent camera – Hasselblad will sell whatever is left until they run out. Remember, however, nothing Hasselblad makes is affordable, but you can continue to pick up used V System products and accessories in reputable third-party channels.