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Light & Motion unveils 10,000-lumen Stella Pro LED light

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Light & Motion has released an all new LED studio light capable of outputting a whopping 10,000 lumens.

Touted as “the most compact, powerful and rugged LED light in the industry” by Light & Motion, the Stella Pro 10,000c is a small studio light that’s roughly the size of your fist and weighs a measly 1.7 pounds.

The Stella Pro 10,000c is compatible with all Light & Motion light modifiers and mounts, including a 25-degree fresnel lens, the Globe Bulb, and a three-inch speed ring holder for mounting additional modifiers. It can be powered by both AC and DC power and features an integrated variable speed fan for keeping the light cool when it’s outputting more than 8,000 lumens.


Light & Motion says the Stella Pro 10,000c outputs a smooth and flicker-free light that’s cast a 120-degree beam at an even 5,000K across the entire range of power settings. The light it emits is certified TLCI 93 and CRI 90, meaning the quality of light it emits is some of the highest you’ll find in an LED design.

On the rear of the light, there’s a small OLED digital display that displays the power and lighting information at a glance.


Every light shipped by Light & Motion is designed and manufactured in the United States and meets or exceeds the FL1 Standard, a testing protocol designed to scientifically measure the brightness, run-time, and overall durability of LED lights. The Stella Pro 10,000c system is shockproof and weatherproof, features you won’t find in more traditional studio lights.

Starting today, the Stella Pro 10,000c is available for $2,000. Along with the light, you’ll receive a 50-degree focus optic, press-on barn doors, a C-mount stand, and a power supply.

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