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Fitt360 records point-of-view videos while hanging from your neck

Camera glasses offer hands-free recording but what about 360-degree shots? That’s where the neckband camera with 4K 360 shooting comes in. Developed by Samsung Creative Lab and teased in 2017, the Fitt360 is a wearable 360 camera launching on Kickstarter.

Fitt360 uses three HD cameras inside the neckband to record a 360 view with a 4K resolution once stitched. Light and portable, the Fitt360 can also be used for lifelogging, creating a personal “Street View,” and a number of other hands-free 360 options.

Sending data from the three cameras wirelessly to an app, the Fitt360 app both stitches and stabilizes the footage, using a six-axis hardware-based system. The app is also compatible with live-streaming. With an embedded GPS, the Fitt360 also allows users to track where those views came from.

The neckband is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with three different sizes of “neck guides” designed to hold the device in place. The cameras are positioned at the front and back to capture the immersive view — which means wearers are going to want to make sure to keep long hair or bulky clothing from blocking any part of the view. Controls to power the camera on and off or start are recording are built into the device, as well as a battery indicator.

The device is also resistant to rain, snow, and heat, and it’s shockproof. The lightweight design, however, leaves users with about an hour and a half of recording time with the battery. Footage is stored on a Micro SD card.  And if the 360 camera capability isn’t enough — the Fitt360 also doubles as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls or listening to music.

Initially developed in Samsung’s C-Lab, the Fitt360 is being launched by a spinoff company, Linkflow, on Kickstarter. Linkflow launched in 2016 as a company focusing on wearable 360 cameras, based in South Korea and lead by several former Samsung employees. The campaign has already doubled the original goal, with funding continuing through February 22. If the rest of the development and manufacturing process is successful, the company expects to ship the wearable camera in October.

Pledges that include a Fitt360 start at $370 for the earliest supporters, which the company says is a 47 percent discount off the expected retail price. The campaign also includes a red edition, which will only be offered during the Kickstarter campaign. Additional color options include white and silver.

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