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Loupedeck+ brings improved hardware controls to Lightroom — and Aurora

The Loupedeck, the bespoke Lightroom control console, is no longer just for Lightroom. The new Loupedeck+ offers an enhanced build and compatibility with additional photo editing programs. Announced on Wednesday, June 20, the Loupedeck+ is compatible with Lightroom Classic CC and Skylum Aurora HDR, and Capture One integration is currently being tested.

The Loupedeck+ looks very similar the original photo editing console, which we found to be both faster and more enjoyable to use than a standard mouse and keyboard, but features an improved design. It still gives Lightroom users direct, physical controls for making software adjustments, but Loupedeck says the second generation console features superior construction and the new mechanical keys give photo editors greater precision.

There has also been a renewed focus on customization, with two custom dials versus the single one on the original. The eight customizable preset buttons return and are now joined by dedicated modifier keys for shift, control, command, alt, and tab. Additionally, a new “custom mode” grants users full customization over 17 available keys on the console.

“We know how dedicated both the professional and amateur photography communities are in their work, and we’re committed to making their lives easier and more productive,” Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck, said in a statement. “There’s no better way to create the next evolution of our flagship product than by going straight to the source and taking their feedback to heart.”

The first Loupedeck originally launched after a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising over five times as much as its goal. The product was the still photographer’s analog to the bespoke hardware interfaces used by video colorists, like the powerful — and considerably more expensive — DaVinci Resolve panels from Blackmagic Design. For the second-generation Loupedeck, the Finland-based company of the same name is sending the product straight to retailers. Beginning today, the Loupedeck+ is available from Amazon, B&H Photo, and the Loupedeck website. The photo editing console retails for $229, which is less than the original retail price of $299 for the first version. Loupedeck is also offering a $50 cash back offer for current users to help ease the financial burden of being an early adopter.

Updated on Sept. 19 to correct Skylum compatibility

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