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Lume Cube wants to help you look your best while livestreaming

Ever start a Skype call, FaceTime or Instagram Live, only to realize you are covered in shadows? Lighting company Lume Cube launched a video call and livestreaming solution designed to provide more flattering lighting across multiple devices. The Lume Cube AIR VC launched on Sunday, January 6, ahead of CES 2019, uses a suction-cup mount and the Lume Cube Air to enhance video communication from any device.

The new lighting kit uses the Lume Cube Air with a new suction cup mount that allows the light to be adapted to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The Air, which measures 1.6 inches on the longest sides, is a portable Bluetooth connected light. The 400 LUX LED has adjustable brightness lives and different modes adjustable through the Lume Cube app.

The Lume Cube AIR VC demoed at CES 2019.

“With such a rise in visual communication fueled by remote workers, video conferencing and home devices, we noticed there were little to no lighting solutions designed specifically to enhance how people look on camera when communicating via their smart devices. We created a solution that is interchangeable between devices to ensure the best overall video experience for both parties,” Riley Stricklin, co-founder at Lume Cube, said in a press release. “Additionally, with the recent launch of in-home video communication products like Google Home Hub and Facebook Portal, the need for a versatile lighting solution has become more significant than ever before. The Lume Cube Air VC allows the user to truly look their best while the camera is on, no matter what environment they are in.”

Lume Cube says the suction-cup mount was designed to allow users to switch between video devices without using a different mount. The portable light can also be charged using USB while in use or can operate on battery power alone. The Air is also waterproof.

What’s included in the box.

The light uses a Fresnel design, used to create a better light spread from such a small light source. The kit also includes a diffuser and warming diffuser to help soften the light, as well as a lanyard and the suction-cup mount. The Lume Cube Air VC kit retails for about $80.

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