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Mevo is now the first camera capable of live broadcasting to Twitter

Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
Mevo, the camera designed for live-streaming, is now Twitter-compatible. The Mevo is the first camera to use Twitter’s live API after the social media platform launched the third-party compatibility feature earlier today, March 21.

Mevo is a simple camera that’s designed specifically for live-streaming. The camera is meant to be set up and remotely controlled with an iOS app, making it easier to actually get inside your own live videos. Launched last year, Mevo at first only included Facebook Live and Livestream.

Now, the camera supports both Periscope and Twitter. The new feature is possible thanks to Twitter’s API, which makes it possible for third-party companies to directly integrate Twitter’s live video features. While Facebook released live video API nearly a year ago, Twitter is now following suite with a their own API for third party integration.

Twitter live-streams through Mevo are accessible through the iOS Mevo app. After updating the app, current Mevo users can tap on the red record icon in the corner and select the Twitter and Periscope icons. After authorizing the app to access a Twitter account, users can add a title to the video, then tap “Go Live.”

Mevo’s app update also includes the option for controlling the camera’s field of view and warp level using five different modes. The update, to version 1.2.1, also included a few bug fixes and stability improvements.

Twitter’s just-released API should mean a number of companies will be integrating live-streaming directly to the social media platform, as well as making it easier for big broadcast companies using pro-level video and editing equipment to stream live. While more companies will likely be integrating Facebook Live features, the Mevo remains a camera uniquely designed just for going live as it is the only consumer option of this type on the market, with quality and usability above what is available when streaming from a smartphone.

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