Meyer-Optik reveals the brightest and fastest Sony FE lens around

meyer optik nocturnus best brightest sony fe lens ii

Photographers that long for high quality manual glass know that Meyer-Optik delivers some truly exception lenses. Here comes one more: The company just officially announced ita new Nocturnus 50/0.95 II for Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras — along with some sample images to whet photographers’ appetites.

The f/0.95 maximum aperture promises to deliver unmatched low-light performance to Sony’s a7-series of cameras, or simply produce a truly unique bokeh without sacrificing the tack-sharpness that’s become the signature of Meyer-Optik lenses.

Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz Nocturnus 50 f0.95 II

The Nocturnus 50/0.95 II is billed as one of the most well constructed pieces of glass around, boasting 15 aperture blades with anti-reflex coating to produce sharp images with a pleasing bokeh effect in low light. One of the benefits of shooting with manual lenses is the level of control offered to photographers, and the Nocturnus is no different. Shooting wide-open, manual focusing is key in getting the shot right and with a beautiful separation between background and subject.


On the video end of things, the Nocturnus 50/0.95 II offers videographers and filmmakers a near-silent mechanical lens that keeps all controls in the camera operator’s hands, while the f/0.95 allows enough light to pass through the lens — even when shooting in ambient lighting conditions.


As the name would imply, the Nocturnus 50/0.95 II is the second Nocturnus lens available and the first made specifically for Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras. Known for the craftsmanship in its lenses, Meyer-Optik opted for a similarly constructed lens in the Nocturnus 50/0.95 II and includes the same 5-year manufacturers warranty found in all the Meyer-Optik line of lenses.

That being said, this lens holds a hefty price tag of $2,999 — clearly targeting the pro market. According to Meyer-Optik, the Nocturnus 50/0.95 II is designed for multiple applications like portraiture and documentary style photography all in a high quality constructed package; for what you’ll shell out for this lens you shouldn’t expect any less. The Nocturnus 50/0.95 is expected to start shipping beginning January 2017.