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Meyer-Optik is bringing back another vintage lens with a modern redesign

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Still under development, Meyer-Optik hasn't yet shared images of the new Primagon, but announced a number of new features for the vintage lens. Scyther5 / 123RF
The classic lens brand that was revived just three years ago is bringing back another historic lens. Meyer-Optik recently announced the development of a Primagon 24mm lens.

The German brand says the lens will be inspired from the classic Primagon but will be a completely new lens. That is likely a positive since the classic lens was a slow f/4.5 while the revival of the lens is set to be a much brighter f/2.8 glass.

While the traditional Primagon was not the brightest lens around, it was known for the compact size and affordable price and at least one of those features is likely to stick around in the modern update. The 24mm lens will weigh less than nine ounces. The small size makes the lens a good companion for small mirrorless bodies — the company says several mount variations will mean the lens is essentially compatible with almost every mirrorless camera on the market.

The lens will have an 84-degree angle of view, constructed from seven individual glass pieces. Almost all of the lens components are manufactured in Germany before being assembled by hand. The company says the lens is designed for best-in-class performance.

The Meyer-Optik brand, now owned and manufactured by Globell Deutschland, expects to produce several of the lenses at different focal lengths. The first option, the 24mm, is expected to launch in 2018, though 30 backers of the company’s current Trioplan Kickstarter will get an early look at half the cost.

While a complete redesign, the lens is expected to carry over some of that vintage character. The lens has already been in development for over a year. “Personality and character are the most important features of all our lenses,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, who launched the brand’s revival. “This starts right at the beginning of the development process and we are proud that some of the best engineers nationally and internationally are supporting our team in Goerlitz,”

The affordable price of the original vintage Primagon, unfortunately, won’t be part of the new design — the lens is expected to retail for $5,499 in 2018.

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