Microsoft Selfie Lets You Capture and Edit Beautiful iPhone Selfies

microsoft selfie app ios women woman taking selfies

Although Microsoft’s own app store can appear woeful in its lack of apps compared to Apple and the Google Play Store, the company has a knack for creating apps for others.

Its latest creation is a selfie app for iOS, rather aptly named “Microsoft Selfie.” The new app combines the tech giant’s photography know-how (gleaned from the Lumia app, launched alongside the Microsoft Lumia 730 and 735 last year) and its image-recognition algorithm, to offer tools for optimizing your selfies.

According to Microsoft Selfie’s app store page, its key features are “noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, auto-exposure, and color theme.” The “intelligence enhancement” tool referenced in the description is thought to be related to Microsoft’s ‘‘ service, which uses an image-recognition algorithm to predict your age based on a photo, reports Gizmodo.

The app’s UI is minimal, even by iOS’ standards. Having allowed it to access your front-facing camera (you can also take snaps from the rear camera if you wish), the only on-screen options you are faced with are the capture button and auto-focus, initiated by touching the screen.

Once you’ve taken your glorious mugshot, it goes all Instagram on you, offering you a series of filters with which to spruce things up, in case you look like you just went on a three-day bender (which we do on most days). A handy “compare” icon on the bottom right of the screen can be pressed down to display a before-and-after effect.

When you’re done editing, the app asks permission to access your photos and saves your gorgeous selfie for you to upload to your social network of choice.