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After refurbishing 10,000 Polaroids, Mint celebrates with sleek new SLR670-S

Mint has now reimagined 10,000 Polaroid SLR670 cameras with modern features — and to celebrate, the company is releasing its first special edition of the classic instant film camera, the SLR670-S. But the special edition remake of a classic isn’t simply about new gold trim.

The SLR670 line refurbishes Polaroid X70 cameras by adding modern features. The previous SLR670-M added manual exposure options using a shutter speed control device called Time Machine. Mint is still including that feature on the new special edition SLR670-S, only now the company, which is in the business of refurbishing classic cameras and producing cameras that extend the classic-camera tradition, has added expanded auto mode options.

The latest modern upgrade is a second auto mode that allows the camera to shoot both high and low ISO instant films. Previous versions could only use the automatic exposure mode with a low ISO or with a modifier to get a correct exposure with ISO 600 film. The new tweak allows users to shoot with film that’s more sensitive to low-light scenes without using the camera’s manual settings.

Mint says the SLR670S also has an enhanced modern motherboard and “electric eye” (the piece that chooses the camera settings on auto mode) that both replaces older parts and adds more image stabilization to the camera.

Besides the gold trim and the new auto mode for shooting high ISO film for better results in low light, Mint continues many of the same features from the reimagined SLR670m, including adjustable shutter speed up to 1/2,000 second with a fixed f/8 lens. A bulb mode allows users to hold the shutter release down for a long exposure, while a T mode allows for long exposures while keeping hands off the camera by pressing the shutter release twice; once at the start, and once at the end of the exposure.

As a special edition camera, the Mint SLR670 will only be available in limited quantities. The reimagined Polaroid camera is selling for $675 in both black and brown with gold accents at the side.

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