Vicious circle (of life): 10 nature videos that will make you glad to be human

Warning! This post contains content some readers may find distressing or disturbing.

When nature gets angry, none are spared – not man or beast. In most situations, all that could be done when faced with Earth’s uncontrollable events, is to hunker down and hope for the best. It could be an oncoming super storm, or being eaten by a bigger fish (ah, the circle of life), but whatever the fury, it seems there’s always a camera nearby. Here are 10 videos we found that will make your heart skip a beat.

Crab vs. Octopus

The sea is a place of beauty and wonder, home to some of the most fascinating creatures that make up much of the planet’s life forms. But in the cold blue waters of the ocean, one finds no sanctuary from death.

Crab vs. Octopus II: Electric Boogaloo

With the number of reported incidences of octopus-on-crab violence, one could reasonably assume there’s a deep-sea blood feud between the two species, especially when the attacks are as sudden and shocking as this one.

Sea Lion devours prey

There’s always a bigger fish, or in this case, mammal. Though octupuses may have the upper hand in their war on crabs, the oppressed crustaceans can find solace in having allies like the sea lion to exact terrible and cunning revenge.

Sinkhole opens under traffic

We often invoke the ground we stand upon as a metaphor for stability and security. What fools we are, to put our trust in something that, at any moment, could open beneath us, and swallow us forevermore into its shadowy maw.

Anaconda-Alligator stalemate

We are led to believe that the fittest will survive, that in a battle between two formidable foes, one will emerge victorious. But when neither can overcome the other, a gruesome deadlock ensues.

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