Nikon patents a DSLR with a built-in projector

nikon-patent-projector-dslrDigital cameras with built-in projectors aren’t necessarily new, but they are cool. The feature has also only been available in point-and-shoot pocket cams, but now Nikon is patenting a full DSLR camera with the mass display capability.

NikonRumors caught site of papers the company filed in Japan that make it look like the manufacturer plans to bring the popular element of its Coolpix S1100pj on to bigger and better things. According to the patent, Nikon will implement the projector into the electronic viewfinder.

nikon-patent-projector-dslr-2Companies are always patenting ideas, whether or not they intend to see them through to fruition, but it seems like this is Nikon would benefit from. The manufacturer singularly introduced cameras with built-in projectors, and being revered as a top choice among consumers for its DSLRs, the two seem like a natural fit. Sure, it’s sort of a trendy, bonus feature that won’t wow advanced photographers, but for learners or anyone on the cusp of a purchasing a new professional-grade camera, that something extra could be the tipping point. Check out more of the (slightly hard to read) plans at right for a very preliminary look at what Nikon could introduce in the future.