Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1 Camera Review

Quote from the review at The HardwareZone:

“Many people had previously thought that the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1 was going to be a digital rangefinder. But this was not the case. The DMC-LC1 uses an electronic viewfinder (EVF) and lenses that cannot be swapped as well. But the design, from its fixed lens to its finely crafted body, right down to its full manual controls, resembles very much like a vintage camera. Like all other Lumix models, Leica lens was employed for the DMC-LC1. This time its a F2.0 – 2.4 Leica DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens (13 elements in 10 groups) with zoom capability equivalent to 28 – 90mm (35mm camera equivalent). And with Panasonic’s Venus Engine LSI that handles all image processing functions at the same time, the camera promises great image quality and responsiveness. “

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