Pentax K-7 DSLR Shoots for Silver

In mid-2009, Pentax introduced its K-7 DSLR camera, integrated high-definition video capture capability, along with high frame-rate shooting and and high-dynamic-range photo capabilities. Now, Pentax is introducing a special limited edition of the K-7, featuring a silver body and a special “golden ratio” focusing screen. The silver color lets the camera match Pentax’s high-end FA line of interchangeable lenses—because, you know, hip DSLR photographers are all about matching their accessories to their bodies.

pentax k 7 dslr wins silver edition

The silver edition K-7 will also offer a “golden section ratio” focusing screen that’s not available on the standard K-7; the idea is to provide guidelines and points on the screen so photographers can quickly compose shots that fall right in line with the long-heralded design and composition concept. The silver edition will also feature a reinforced glass plate that protects the LCD monitor, making the camera more durable for outdoor use.

Otherwise, the basic specs of the K-7 remain unchanged: 14.6 megapixel resolution, SD/SDHC memory card storage, HDMI output, hot shoe, capability to shoot 5.2 images per second, and a unique ability to reframe images a bit using the camera’s anti-shake hardware without actually moving the camera.

Only 1,000 silver-bodied K-7s will be available, so if you absolutely have to have one…get in line now with about $1,300 in your pocket.