Never-before-seen Bowie photos surface at Miami exhibition

Tributes continue to pour in for David Bowie, who passed away on January 10, 2016, after a battle with cancer. Fujifilm is partnering with celebrity photographer and director Markus Klinko to host an exhibition of never-before-seen photos of the late artist. The show will debut on February 25 at the Markowicz Fine Art Gallery, located in Miami, Florida, and will end in mid-March.

Bowie was one of Klinko’s many celebrity subjects. The photos presented in the exhibit include 14 intimate portraits that Klinko shot on instant film in 2001. A selection of limited-edition prints will be also available for purchase during the exhibition. (The photos and prints were created using Fujifilm products, hence the relationship.)

Klinko is well known for his work with Bowie, who was one of the first high-profile celebrities Klinko shot at the beginning of his career in photography. He created the photograph of Bowie and the artist’s wife, Iman, for her book, I Am Iman, and also produced the cover art for Bowie’s Heathen album. Klinko and his collaborator, Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, were the subject of the Bravo reality TV series Double Exposure. A Fujifilm camera user, Klinko was one of the first photographers to use the new X-Pro2 camera.

(All images © Markus Klinko)

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