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How to use Photoshop to make peepers in images look the same size

Photoshop Retouch: Fixing an eye that's not open as wide as the other
Here’s a scenario all photographers have had to deal with: You took a great image and everything looks fine and dandy — until you realize one of the subject’s eyes looks smaller than the other one. This can happen for a variety of reasons: Maybe the person was mid-blink when you took the image, or perhaps one of their eyes is just physically smaller than the other.

Regardless, it can be distracting and take away from an otherwise beautiful image, so what can you do to fix this? Luckily, in this day and age of Photoshop and easy photo editing, it is actually a really simple fix and you can do it in just a few moments by following a tutorial from photographer and educator Scott Kelby.

Believe it or not, the trick doesn’t even involve the eye that is too small. What you are going to actually do it copy the bigger eye, move it over to cover the smaller eye, and then play with a few minor details to ensure they match up. Now your subject has two same-size eyes. The whole fix should only take a moment or two once you get the hang of it.

Another option, should you want to give it a try, is Photoshop’s brand-new Face Away Liquify tool, which allows you to reshape the eyes with simple sliders. If the adjustment is minor, that could be an even quicker way to go.

You can grab more great Photoshop tips and tricks on Scott Kelby’s YouTube channel.

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