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A new video editing app from PicsArt just beat Prisma to the punch

picsart adds magic video live shot
Snapshots that look like paintings are trending in mobile photography, but now those same effects can be applied to video. Today, the popular photo editor PicsArt launched a new app for movies, Magic Video, which uses artificial intelligence to apply different effects — including several inspired by art movements — to movies.

With the new release, PicsArt beats the popular Prisma to the punch. Prisma, the original app dedicated to painter-like effects, announced earlier this summer that video capability was in the works, but hasn’t yet released the feature.

Magic Video allows users to select from ten different art-inspired filters to apply to videos, modeled after different art periods from “neo pop” to “plein air.” The effects are also stored on the smartphone, so there’s no need for a Wi-Fi connection.

Along with using the different video effects, users can combine the video filters with tools for customizing the look. PicsArt says the app allows for over 3,000 different edits in addition to the video filters.

Along with the Magic Video addition, PicsArt also launched what the firm is calling “social photo editing” with Remix Me, an update to the PicsArt app. Images that are part of the Remix Me program are free to edit, encouraging users to edit and share the same image to see different interpretations of the same graphic.

Prior to the release of the latest update, PicsArt also announced that it has reached 80 million active users monthly.

“PicsArt is a new social experience where friends can Remix images together to inspire and be inspired. The fact that 80 million people are actively using our app every month speaks to the power of co-creation, the experience of discovering and creating a universe of beautiful, hilarious, mind-blowing visuals with others,” said Argam DerHartunian, VP of product at PicsArt.

Both apps are available on the App Store today, with plans to roll out an Android update in the next few days.

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