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Plotagraph’s still photo animator can now create sweet morph effects

PlotaMorph - Yuri Hahhalev
The software that turns a single still photo into an animated GIF is morphing into an even more advanced tool — On Friday, November 24, Plotagraph launched two new features and a website launch for Plotagraph Pro. The new tools allow photographers to create a morphing effect as well as adding more special effects tools.

PlotaMorph is a new tool inside the pro desktop version of the software. After layering up to 10 different images in the program, Plotagraph will morph the changes together. The tool allows photographers to create an effect that makes people or object appear to morph into a different person or object.

The PlotaMorph tool includes options to put that morph on an endless loop or to reverse the change at the end. Plotagraph says that users can also control the effect using custom line and spiral movements between those images.

While Plotagraph’s big perk is creating GIFs from stills rather than video clips, the PlotaMorph requires multiple photographs. The unusual effect, however, could be a good tool for grabbing viewer’s attention inside an oversaturated social media feed, or creating an artistic statement on change.

Along with the new morph tool, the software also now includes PlotaFX, a special effects suite for editing still photos. The tool allows users to add a variety of different effects to their photos for quick improvements. The instant effects can also be added using layers and then custom animated by bringing that shot into Plotagraph’s animation tools.

The company also launched the Plotaverse website. Along with access to pro account features, it allows creatives to apply to be featured as the artist of the day or to the ambassador program. Selected photographers as part of the Influencer Experience will be flown out to Maui to shoot with fashion photographer and Plotagraph creator Troy Christopher Plota.

For Black Friday, the company is offering a three-month subscription to Plotagraph Pro for half off — the deal is available until November 28. Plotagraph also has a scaled-down mobile version of the desktop software, Plotagraph+. Now through the end of the year, Apple is offering a free app code for downloading Plotagraph+ for users who download the app using the Apple Store app (not to be confused with the App Store).

Header Plotagraph by Yuri Hahhalev.

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