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Go retro with a camera rig that makes Sony A7 look old-school

redrock micro rig retroflex sony a7 s 4
Kodak might be bringing back Super 8 from the dead with its hybrid video camera, but sometimes you just want it to look like you’re shooting with a retro camera while not actually capturing the moments on film.

It’s times like these when you need Redrock Micro’s Retroflex S rig, a camera add-on designed to add stability and features to your camera while turning it into a retro-esque machine.

While the Retroflex S has been around for some time, Redrock Micro announced that it is now available for Sony’s A7-series mirrorless full-frame cameras. You can now stylize any one of Sony’s A7 II, A7S II, and A7R II cameras with the retro camera rig.

Retroflex S Sony 5

In addition to acting as a cage and platform for your camera, the Retroflex S also includes a handgrip with a built-in start/stop button for easy recording. For composing and reviewing footage, Redrock Micro includes an optical loupe and eyepiece, which should help block out any unwanted light, even when shooting in the middle of the day.

On the bottom of the cage, you’ll find an Arca-Swiss-compatible plate for easy transferring between the handgrip and tripods.

Below is a video review of the Retroflex S from Sony Artisan Michael Britt:

Retroflex For Sony A7RII First Look

Sure, the device is a bit of a novelty, but its form is followed closely by function, making it a great tool for cinematographers who want to have a little fun while getting work done.

You can order the Retroflex S for $545 on Redrock Micro’s online store.

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