Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder feature auto-pivoting display

Samsung has announced its new HMX-Q10 camcorder, upping the ante for consumer high-definition camcorders with a new high-sensitivity BSI CMOS sensor and a new “Switch Grip” feature that leverages a sensor built into the LCD display to automatically pivot and turn the display so its easy to see from any shooting angle.

“The launch of the HMX-Q10 is particularly important for us as it is one of the best demonstrations of Samsung’s continuing innovation, providing high performing features and design in a model that makes the best camcorder experience available to all our customers,” said Samsung Electronics digital imaging executive VP Hyunho Chung, in a statement.

Samsung is touting the Switch Grip technology as a significant usability improvement that enables users to more easily shoot high quality video without the fiddly-ness of a typical camcorder. Switch Grip enables the 2.7-inch LCD display to adapt to how the user is holding the camcorder when filming—even if the user moves the device from hand to hand. The HMX-Q10 also features streamlined onscreen controls, including a very prominent Record button, designed to make capturing video very simple and intuitive.

The HMX-Q10 captures full HD 1080/60i video, includes optical image stabilization to deal with shakes and hand motion, and features a 5 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor which Samsung touts has having twice the sensitivity of normal CMOS sensors, meaning it can capture high-quality imaging even in low-light situations. The unit also doubles as a 4.9 megapixel still camera, along with face detections and scene recognition technology that can automatically pick appropriate settings based on factors like motion, color, brightness, and subject. (There’s also an Easy Manual mode for folks who like to fiddle.) The system also features a Record Pause technology that enables users to pause briefly while recording, eliminating the need to merge disparate video files together after the fact. The camera stores video to SD/SDHC cards, and there’s an HDMI output for pumping content to an HDTV.

Samsung has also streamlined the body of the HMX-Q10, saying it’s now small enough to “be carried anywhere.”

Samsung says the HMX-Q10 should go on sale in February for a suggested retail price of $299.

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