SanDisk Unveils 2GB SD/USB Card Hybrid

SanDisk over the weekend announced a larger storage size capacity for their SD memory card which combines USB connectivity and flash memory storage. The new 2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus card is priced at $134.99 and should be available come June.

The SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus card family, said SanDisk, consists of a series of flash memory cards (512MB, 1GB, new 2GB) which look and function like a typical SD card but can be folded in half to reveal a USB 2.0 connector plug which be plugged into any USB port. This effectively eliminates the need for a separate card reader. Write speeds of this line reportedly get 9MB per second, while read speeds are at 10MB per second. It is targeted towards digital photographers.

“The SanDiskUltra II SD Plus card is really convenient to use,” said Tanya Chuang, senior retail product marketing manager at SanDisk, in a statement. “With two gigabytes of capacity you can take many hundreds of high-resolution photos and transfer the images to a computer quickly and easily with the built-in USB connector. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus line from both consumers and reviewers alike and have won numerous awards for its innovative design and performance.”