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Selfie disaster as kids video themselves falling through roof

Selfie goes horribly wrong as group of children film themselves falling through roof
From carefree happiness to sheer terror in a split second. That’s probably how the script for most selfie disasters plays out, though for those who accidentally shoot themselves in the head while trying to snap a self-portrait, there’s clearly no time for the terror part.

A video posted on YouTube this week offers the unusual chance to actually witness a selfie going horribly wrong. Don’t worry, it’s not a gruesome clip, and those involved reportedly escaped unharmed, though by the looks of it they were extremely lucky to walk (or more likely, hobble) away.

The video of the incident, which appears to have taken place in Argentina, kicks off with a group of kids larking around with a selfie stick, their escapades recorded by a smartphone stuck on the end of it.

They appear to be on a loosely constructed wooden platform on top of a house, so you can probably guess what happens next. You’re right, the whole thing gives way, sending the kids crashing to the ground.

According to the text accompanying the video, the young lads fortunately survived the nasty fall though did suffer “minor cuts and bruises.”

Selfies appear to have been at the center of quite a few accidents in recent times. Focusing on the camera instead of on what’s around them has led to people tumbling off cliffs, getting hit by trains, and being eaten by sharks. OK, that last one is made up, but considering there are people out there already taking shark selfies, surely it’s only a matter of time before it actually happens.

Speaking of bravado, showing off has also resulted in a few selfie screw-ups. On at least two occasions, guys with guns have shot more than just a selfie, accidentally firing their weapon into their own heads and, not surprisingly, dying in the process.

Reports indicate there’ve been at least nine fatal selfie-related incidents so far this year, a figure that sadly suggests we’re well on course to pass 2015’s total of 27.

Half of last year’s selfie fatalities took place in India, a fact that’s caused worried officials in Mumbai to impose 16 no-selfie zones at locations around the city deemed too dangerous for self-portrait photography.

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