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Photographer shoots a most dangerous selfie with hungry sharks

Photographer Aaron Gekoski seems to get bored easily. While in South Africa, Gekoski was looking for a massive sardine migration to film, but ended up unsuccessful. So he decided to do what all modern people with smartphones do, take selfies. Except he did it with sharks.

Looking to salvage the trip, his partner Chris Scarffe suggested to “take a selfie in front of a load of sharks.” So off they went, using a bait ball ironically filled with sardines to congregate the sharks. Though sharks are known to be relatively safe, the crew did get a scare when one of the sharks bit a buoy line and then proceeded to go ballistic, which you can see in the video.

Gekoski isn’t known to live a boring life. He has an interesting business-to-wild-man story, for you disenfranchised cubicle dwellers out there: Bored with owning a successful modeling business in London that took him around the world and gave him the money to live in style, he became captivated by nature documentaries. Eventually, he had saved up enough money, quit his job, and backpacked through Asia for a while, before finding a fascination with underwater photography in Thailand. This steamrolled into wildlife protection filming and situations like running away from irate seal clubbers in Namibia, which encouraged him to do things like take a Navy SEAL training course for the know-how to survive when in danger. Check out his full story from Men’s Health here. If you are interested in wildlife and underwater photography, Gekoski’s website has a collection of his professional work.

(H/t EpicTV)

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