Shutterstock partners with industry newcomer for expanded photo archive

shutterstock silverhub media inc expands
PRNewsFoto / Shutterstock, Inc.
On Thursday, Shutterstock announced a new partnership with a company that is less than a year old. The stock photo giant unveiled an exclusive deal to distribute images from SilverHub Media, a company that already owns one of the leading editorial photography agencies in Germany.

SilverHub Media has already acquired more than 40 years of content through the acquisition of Action Press, a German editorial photography group. The company now also owns The Picture Library, which includes images dating back to the 1970s of politicians and celebrities. The agreement makes Shutterstock the exclusive dealer for SilverHub’s image collection.

Nick Evans-Lombe and Adrian Murrell founded SilverHub Media earlier in 2016, offering collections from entertainment and news to sports, as well as taking on individual assignments. The company has already covered iconic events like Wimbledon and instantly recognizable celebrities like Brad Pitt.

“Shutterstock’s approach to technology and passion for customer experience matches our own philosophy, and their unrivaled global reach will augment our successful existing service,” Evans-Lombe said in a press release. “We are revitalizing the editorial photography industry by bringing back creativity, fun and excitement for customers, content owners and storytellers.”

The SIlverHub Media team includes veteran photographers from sports photographer Bob Martin to Royal Family photographer Zak Hussein and entertainment photographer Alex Huckle.

The agreement, along with several similar earlier deals, expands Shutterstock’s stock photography basis to include editorial images covering news, sports and entertainment. The company now has over 160,000 contributors.

“The team that leads SilverHub has a deep passion for photography and is respected throughout the editorial industry,” said Shutterstock’s Ben Pfeifer, senior vice president of business development. “They are setting out to meet changing customer needs and to approach the evolving media landscape differently. In a few short months, they have built an extraordinary collection of archival content and their commercial assignment offering provides clients with access to some of the finest sports and entertainment photographers in the world. Shutterstock is proud to be able to offer SilverHub’s content to its customers.”


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